Who moved my cheese

Who moved my cheese

Well, this is a title of a famous book by Spencer Johnson and Kenneth Blanchard.

Have you read it. Good job. If not, is still time, maybe nobody moved you cheese yet.

It is written in a parable way, that reveals to the readers the truth about changes.

Only one thing is certain in the universe: the change of everything all the time. Sometimes we forget this prime directive and take for granted thing that real are not.


There is no job security anymore. I know all about downsizing and rightsizing. I also know that college graduates today earn less than at times ago.


And that is easy to get it the trap of the rat race. I mean, paying bill all year around. Always running behind money and never money runs behind you.


The book is about two mice that one day, as usually went to eat cheese. But the cheese was not there anymore. One, put his shoes and run to find another. The second one sat down ant keep complaining to whom moved the cheese and so he lost his focus, his enthusiasm.


It does not worth cry over spilt milk or there is no use crying over spilt milk.


So, in spite of being hurt by changes, change as soon as something happened. Do not resist changes. Something better will happen, instead you put you head under the ground like the emas (animals that hide their head to avoid bad times).


And always remember: God help who help themselves.


Pretend: Stay quit near the beach. Without moving. Your feet will begin to desapear in the sand, so your whole body after a day. So, one have to keep moving.

Image: A vessel with hot water. You throw frogs inside. They will jump promptly. Otherwise if we put them first, and them put fire to heat the water, they will slowly die. So take care of warm water. Jump out anyway.



Because everything is a matter of attitude.


Marcos Hans(revised on february 2022)

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Tudo é uma questão de atitude. Everything is a matter of attitude.