What the riches teach kids about money

What the riches teach kids about money

That the poor and middle class do not.

Does school prepare children for the real world? Of course not.

Maybe you have read Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Roberto Kiyosaki. If not, run and read it.


One father give advices like that:

– Study hard and get good grades and find a high paying job with great benefits.


The other father say:

– Study hard, in reasonable colleges, not so expensive and than buy a company that you can give job to others.


The boy want a pair of tennis shoes. One father said: I can afford it. Maybe later. The other say: Come with me, I have friend he will help us. You just have to to, every day on the afternoons, what he ask to you. Ok?


After one month, they went back and collect a check from his friend in recnognition of his work. So son, now come with and we , opps, you will buy you pairs of tennis shoes and do not forget a gift for you mother and put some of that money on the bank.


This is the whole ideia. Handle smart with money, and teach the children with examples, real examples.


The love of money is the root of all evil or you can say: The lack of money is the root of all evil.


One father always say:

The reason I am not rich is because of you, my lovely children.

And the other:

The reason that I must become rich, is because of you, my lovely children.


So, this are some pils. Read for free some chapters from that book on the internet and buy the book on second hand. It’s of course cheaper.

By the way, did you open a saving account for your children? Not yet. Well, is always time to begin.



Because everything is a matter of attitude.

Marcos Hans(revised on february 2022)

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