Organized religion as a business

Organized religion as a business

If people were asked which is the greatest invention of all times, probably they would say: the electricity, the wheel or even the discovery of fire. It’s a very remote possibility that one would suggest the invention of GOD, as the greatest.

Somewhere, somehow, however it had become the most believed and also the least questioned concept lately conceived. It has roots in all nations, all races, all groups is one or another form.

The vast number of people, we can say three quarters of the world population, believe that God came first and that he or she invented, created men and women. There is no doubt that this concept is deeply installed, that it will never be eliminated, at least until something else will be discovered or invented.

On the other hand, if people were asked which was until now the greatest show ever, or a famous performer, they might guess: The Beatles, Elvis Presley, Barnun and Bailey Circus, high speed races, landing at the moon. Actually we have just witnessed the greatest show ever: the Vatican display of the male hierarchy of the Roman Catholic Church. Women are not allowed in the higher circle. It was seen by millions in Rome and by billions on television around the world.

This brings us to the organized religion as a business. It is, by far, the largest most successful business in the world, in spite of the financial problems facing it. It operates untaxed. It has branches in almost every country and in some countries, in every little town. It is a powerful political influence and a vast number of people works as volunteers.

No person who does not accept God can be elected to office. No person who admits being atheistic can ever become CEO of any large company. In our modern world, no person can be successful as a doctor, a dentist, a teacher, a singer, a football player proclaiming being atheistic.

On the whole: don’t take anything personally. Just think about it with an open mind and always believe and follow the god of your heart.

You know why? Because everything is a matter of attitude.заказ статей в блогахenglish danish translation

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Tudo é uma questão de atitude. Everything is a matter of attitude.