The man went to see the doctor

The man went to see the doctor

The man said to the doctor: I have a enormous lot of work that had to be done right away quickly. I take my brief case home every night and it is packed with work. So, help me to cure quickly my illness.


– Why do you take work home with you at night? Asked the doctor.

– It have to get done.

– Can not someone else do it, or help you with it?

– No, I am the only one who can do it.

– If I write a prescription, will you follow it? Yes, he answered.

-Ok. That’s it.


1. Take off two hours every working day and go for a long walk.

2. Take off a half day off every week and walk in a cemetery.


In a stonishment, the patient demand: Why should I spend a half day in a cemetery?

– Because I want you to wonder around and look at the gravestones of men who are there permanentely. I want you meditate on the fact that many of them are there because they thought even as you do, that the whole world rested on their shoulders.

So, when you need, go to see your doctor, but do your homework first.


Why? Because everything is a matter of attitude .

Marcos Hans ( revised fevereiro 2022)

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Tudo é uma questão de atitude. Everything is a matter of attitude.