The cleverest person in the World

The cleverest person in the World

Once upon a time, there was a family with three daughters. The couple always want a boy, because they need help at the carpenter.

They were Muslems.

One day it happens. A boy were born. But the boy was different.

He went to school and learn very fast. After to college, university and became a scientist. He worked for the government and make a lot of money.

And he left his family. Get married to his best friend sister.

One day he get into the competitions at radio and TV. He won all of them. Became rich. Very rich. His wife want to go home to visit her family. He did not allow. So his wife run away.

He won the World competition and became the CLEVEREST PERSON IN THE WHOLE WORLD.


He lost sisters, father, mother, teacher, wife.

He was alone.

He put his business first.

And so is life.

Did you see your children grow up?

Did you see your wife every day and treat her well? And so on.


Because everything is a matter of attitude.

Marcos Hans (revised in February 2022)

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Tudo é uma questão de atitude. Everything is a matter of attitude.