So is life. It is Christmas and new year again.

So is life. It is Christmas and new year again.

The most precious thing we have, the most valuable asset, is ourselves and the time that we have available. To not  forget it , I remember it here.  Consider my card for christmas and new year’s message.

Do not miss the train of life.

Life is a duty that we brought to do at home.
When you see, it’s five o’clock in the afternoon or in the morning.
When you see, it’s Friday, it’s December, it’s Christmas, it’s the new year.
When you see, it is the end of the  year again.
When you see, we lost the love of our life.
When you see,  26 years or 51 or 87 are already gone.

Now it’s too late to be disapproved.
If I received another opportunity , I would not look  the watches , but just look forward to know this world better before leaving it for good.

I say and write it ,that attitude is fundamental in everythig. Take the right attitudes in  life. CELEBRATE LIFE DAILY.

Why? Because everything is a matter of attitude.

Marcos Hans (revised February 2022)

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Tudo é uma questão de atitude. Everything is a matter of attitude.