Goldstream Lodge 161 -Langford BC Canada

Goldstream Lodge 161 -Langford BC Canada

Goldstream Lodge 161 -Langford BC Canada

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                        – It was the 1st of February 2024, when I participate at Goldstream   Lodge. My purpose was to witness the raising of Bro. John Dela Cruz, my future son in law. 

                         – The day before I meet VM Brian Mitchel who was meeting at the lodge for a rehearsal. Instantly he made me feel at home. So did all the brother the next day at the reception, during the drinks and dinners. The atmosphere was at a great camaraderie.

                         – The presence  of officers from the Grand Lodge make it more grandeur. DDG District Deputy Grand Master RWB George Andrew and  Grand Júnior Warden RWB Ron Cawthra, future  Gran  Master of the  GL of British Columbia e Yukon. Also a representation of the United Peninsula Lodge, brought joy to the day.

                           – Business as usual. But when it came to the raising ceremony, it became serious and professional. All the participants, delivered theirs part by hard, with emotion and passion, In short, it was a job well, well done.

                            – The Goldstream Lodge goes back to The 50s, precisely to 1954.  The  lot and building they owed, recently was exchange with the municipality to another location, so this lot will become part of a great open city park. This real estate deal , as Brother VM Brian Mitchel mention  , was the deal of the decade, or for the  century for the lodge. 

                            – Let’s hope that this will help the local and National fraternity to grow again, attract new members. The essential for this  , the Goldstream  Lodge already have, the warm and brotherly environment. The new home will  enhance this.      

                             – Traveling and visiting lodges in other jurisdictions, as a former Grand Secretary of Foreign Affairs, of my Grand Lodge ( Grand Lodge of Rio Grande do Sul )was and still is a way to always confirm the great values we all share.

                             – May the new Master Masons, Brothers John and Benjamin have a smooth and constant journey forward to the enlightenment and become better than they already are. 

                            – And may the lodge , the Goldstream   Lodge have a future as the past, a long, a strong future for the better of many new incomes.           
– I have been given a Pencil from the VM , and a beautiful Trowel.

                            -Life is not always sweet and perfect, but is much better when you visit a  Masonic lodge , far away from your home and feel that Masonic relationship really are a great value. May the Great Architect bless us all and allow us long life. 

                      Yours  in the Faith

                       Why? Because everything is a matter of Attitude.                                                     


Marcos HANS,  

Writer, Speaker, Administrator, Personal and Executive Coach ICI Integrated Coaching Institute.

Commercial  real estate  developer and  a  Happy World Traveller 

Former DCC Dale Carnegie Courses Instructor in Porto Alegre RS

Past Grand Secretary of Foreign Affairs- Grand Lodge of Rio Grande do Sul – Brazil

Grand Representative near Grand Lodge of India.

Past Master,33,MRA,SEM,Kt.Pr., FRC,Shriner,(Potentate 2018 Hikmat ) SRCF VII, TOM. 

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