CANADA- Abbostford July 2013

CANADA- Abbostford July 2013



Written by Lauren Hans

French and English are the mother tongues here. In Ontario and Quebec they speak French and in the other parts they speak English. Many immigrants came here in 1800s and now there are many cultures spread everywhere.

Canada it’s a beautiful place to live and to visit. Ottawa is the capital. I’ve never been there, but it’s an awesome place and really cold. In Vancouver, we can see many beautiful places and landscapes. It’s a big city and many people live there. If you think that we don’t see poor people here, you are wrong. It’s not because it’s a developed country that everyone is successful.

I live, now, in Abbotsford, a city smaller than Vancouver, but bigger than the one that I came from. Here we see less poor people than in Vancouver. But, in the other hand, we see many teenagers smoking.

Abbotsford is a beautiful and tranquil place to live and when I arrived here I could see that it is totally different from my city. I was impressed, and I couldn’t believe that I would live here for one year. It’s awesome and I’m so happy, because we can know different cultures, people and languages.

Here there are also many Indian people and they are everywhere we go. It’s impressive. These people are so happy and they speak their own language, Punjabi. It’s nice because they can maintain their own culture, living in a country with other language. And at school, they also learn Punjabi.

The schools here are public, except some of them, but it’s really interesting because the govern pay for it and then everyone can go to school. Those responsible for the school are really rigid and they want us to learn. It’s very different from the public schools in Brazil.

Around here we have many historic towns and we can learn a lot visiting them. Like, Fort Langley, it’s a small, city 30 minutes from Abbotsford, and it is a former fur trade post of the Hudson’s Bay Company (important company in 1800s) and when we go there we can see that there are many old parts and we can learn about its history.

So, everybody should come here and visit those cities because it is an unforgettable experience. We need to travel, know others cultures, languages, places. It’s important for ourselves and for our interior health.

Travel. Explore. Don’t worry. Be happy… Grow up!

Lauren Baptista Hans

Student, Traveler, Explorer

Rick Hansen Secondary School

 Abbotsford BC Canada

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