Baltic Sea Cruise-Vision of the Seas RC-aug 11th-22nd 2017

Baltic Sea Cruise-Vision of the Seas RC-aug 11th-22nd 2017

-Baltic Sea Cruise – Vision of the Seas RC-august  11tth -22- 2017


-Denmark-(Copenhagen). -Latvia (Rīga)
-Estonia(Tallin) -Russia-(St.Peterburg)
-Finland(Helsinki) -Sweden-(Stockholm)
-Lithuania(Klaipeda). -Poland(Gdinia and Gdansk)
– Sailing on a ship is like being in a five star hotel, waking up on the next day or a period of days in another city, another country and explore this new location. The Baltic Sea, passing through this ports leads to a world in the past. Medieval buildings, medieval cities, former Soviet Union territories now independent countries. Castles, palaces, from the imperators of Russia and so on.
– The life on board is a show apart. Daily evening performances. Daily activities with the cruise team. A variety of food and if you don’t watch yourself your weight will increase. But there is the gym , sauna, swimming pool and always healthy food choices.
– About the ports. Copenhagen. Denmark.The Tivoli amusement part, from 1843, one of the oldest functioning in the world . Walt Disney came here to watch it and built his own in Florida. The city hall building is Grand. Copenhagen’s are known to be the happiest people on earth. So do I.
– In Rīga , Latvia. The old trams running together with the new ones keeps the nostalgic atmosphere in the air. The oldest church is from the year 1209. The Soviet Union era still remains in the arquitecture.
– in Tallinn, Estonia, the best medieval preserved city because it was not hit during the war. The view over the brown metal roofs is astonished and you have the impression that it was finish yesterday. The city is walking distance from the port.
– In Saint Petersburg, Russia a two day guided tour shows you the palaces and gardens from the formers imperators and their ladies and the luxury they have live in. The castle were Rasputin was assassinated , Yusopov castle is nowadays a state museum. There are more than 200 state museums in Saint Petersburg, all from the post revolutionary era in 1918. The Hermitage museum, between the five big museums in the worlds, was a former summer palace. Peterhoff gardens and fountains is simply impressive. Have to do some adaptations on my garden when arriving at home.
– In Helsinki, Finland there is a new cosmopolitan city. Almost everything was destroyed during the Second World War. The Lutheran cathedral oversees the port and the rocky church is a attraction. Not comparable, of course with the Lalibela’s carve stone churches in Ethiopia.
-In Stockholm , Sweden . The new and the old together. The old city , narrow street as usual. The city hall on the canal where the Nobel prize annual banquet is held and the Wash museum, where the Viking ship, VASA, is on display rescued from the see 333 after the sink. One of the most visited tourist attractions of the modern world. The royal palace near the old town, is remarkable big.
– In Klaipeda, Lithuania. Walking distance from the port. Founded in 1252. The Harv our was built over the sand. During the winter the students can choose to go or not to the classroom when the temperature reach minus 20C.
– And in Poland the city of Gdanks, where the Second World War begun. Destroyed but meticulously rebuilt. The new building in progress are copying the old style. The old town transports you literally to the medieval times. Famous destination and the day we where here is was packed with fellow travelers. The millennia Baltic city is also home for the famous Fahrenheit and Schopenhauer.
– The United Nation oficial number for countries is 196. Is this cruise there were 62 nationalities on the crew with around 700 workers. And more than 120 nationalities between the guest on a number of 2100. Is it a small world floating and a variety of languages, mostly united through English language. It is a melting pot and therefore a great experience. Each cruise is a amazing, unforgettable adventure due the ports, the ship, the people.
– And why all this effort traveling around on the same planet? For many reasons.
– Because Traveling is traveling to within. Know thyself.
– Because Traveling is for ever, travel the world.
– Because everything is a matter of attitude and mostly because it is latter than you think.

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