Attitude is Everything

Attitude is Everything

The right attitude toward life and toward all events, daily, monthly or yearly, makes the whole difference between a good or a bad period. I will cover three main points and illustrate how attitude is so remarkable.

A boat without aim will arrive anywhere. The challenge is to have a dream and let nobody tell you that it can’t be done. It won’t be easy, but nobody says it will be easy. And that dream must be a written plan. Having a written plan with a specific list of things to achieve, with dates and number, will definitely help empower you and make them easier to achieve.

Also, answer these questions: Where will I be, what will I be seeing ten years from now? A written plan means having the big picture, like a map, which indicates where you will arrive.

You have do have a burning desire to achieve that written plan and it must be renewed periodically. Attitude is everything.

The next point is about financial discipline. Developing a habit of saving and investing is a deep matter of attitude. The rule is simple. You pay yourself first, at least a rate of 10% of your income, and them your other bills. The rule is simple but difficult. Difficult because it is a matter of discipline; you really must desire saving.

The example is also simples. Save $ 100.00 a month. In one year, you’ll will have $ 1,200.00.In ten year $ 12,000.00 plus interest. If you save $ 200.00, it doubles. And as soon as the amount affords, invest is a passive asset, such as a commercial building and lease it.

This way, you’ll have a passive income besides your regular income. The Babylonians taught financial rules that are still applied today. They are as old as 6000 years, when Babylon was the wealthiest city in the existing world. One of those rules is saving and investing for the purpose of guaranteeing a future and secure income.

Saving, investing and having discipline are a matter of attitude. Attitude is everything.

Having a balanced life will support a healthy attitude toward self, family and work. Take a Look ate the triangle.

The base must be strong, like the basement of a building. Self must be vigorous. So do your homework, eat healthy food, exercise , relax al least eight hours a day and specially have in mind that life isn’t only material. It needs deeper attention. Reserve daily time to meditate, do calm down.

Since the beginning of times, we all have looked for peace; we just need to close the eyes and look within ourselves.

You also must have the right attitude about family and a way to preserve it. What is the profit of having success in work and having a split family, without health and without seeing the kids grow up? Having time for the family, your wife or husband, is a matter of attitude.

And don’t forget the god of your heart. Don’t let god out of your life or your family…

Finally, there’s work, where your money comes from. It will be as good as your base. Do you homework also, get prepared, go to school, graduate and have fulfill big dreams, but never forget that even though your money come from work, it always will be only a part of your life.

The right and intelligent attitude is balancing self, family and work. Attitude is everything.

To sum up, have a written plan. Answer: Where will I be in ten years? Save and invest for a comfortable present and good future income and for retirement, and keep balance between self, family and work.

At the end of and during the journey, everything is a matter of attitude.

Attitude is everything. translate

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