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Annual Conference of Grand Masters -USA -2013

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Known as CGMNA, Conference of Grand Masters of North America, this meeting take place in every other state in February and places around the table the current Grand Masters, Deputies , Grand Secretaries from the United States Grand Lodges, ( including WA D.C., Puerto Rico)Mexico, Canada and One of the Grand Lodges of the German System, the American Canadian Grand Lodge, making a total of 64. Sister jurisdictions are always welcome , are properly introduced and have a place on the official Sister Jurisdictions picture.

As Grand Secretary of foreign Affairs from the Grand Lodge of Rio Grande do Sul, I participate the first time on the meeting in 2009 in Anaheim and in 2010 in Arlington. As former Grand Secretary is on my calendar , when possible to attend the meeting. There is also a reunion on the Grand Secretaries, the guys who really run the business and there you can learn and use it on your own jurisdiction. I have seen many panels about a variety of subjects about the craft. This year, in KANSAS CITY – MO , particularly I enjoyed to attend the following breakout sessions: Changes in family Structures & Impact on Masonry; Technology in Today’s Masonry and Mentoring &Membership Retention and MRF Masonic Restauration Foundation .

– Visit.   -     and put on your calendar and experience it by your self. Besides the fellowship, the subjects you can learn about, the recognition commission, you also will know another city and state of this wonderful country. By the way the recognition commission as its own web page and make it easy for you.

Also a Breakfast sponsor by the Shriners and De Molays is a tradition and the Imperial Potentate Noble Al Madsen was there. Madsen was one of the first Nobles , besides Maxwell Douglas, Imperial Potentate at that occasion that I meet to initiate the Brazilian occupancy.

Appendant bodies display themselves. Tall Cedars of Lebanon of North America, with 11000 members in USA have a charity for Muscular Disorders. Bro Richard G. Feeser is the Supreme Tall Cedar;Rainbow for Girls with 13000 members worldwide, for girls under 21 with or with Masonic relation. Job’s Daughters with 11000 worldwide. Also for Girls under 21 but only for girls with relations with a Freemason. Shriners International with 350000 members worldwide and already with 9+ clubs in South America.They run a 22 hospital system . The De Molays, with 55000 worldwide and 35000 from this number are from Brazil, also for boys under 21. The Scottish Rite, The Royal Arch, The Grand Encampment , High 12 International, The National Sojourner’s and much more.

Grand Lodge of Washington State, invite me for a dinner. William Miller, PGM is my friend since 2008 .
Special appearance: Grand Orient of Brazil, Bro. Tulio Colacioppo ; Grand Lodge of Mina’s Gerais GM Bro. Leonel Ricardo de Andrade and the Grand Secretary Bro Rodrigo dos Anjos;Grand Lodge of Bolivia Bro.Christian Flores; Bro. Dale Goering my PGM from GL of Florida; York Grand Lodge of Mexico Bro. Eduardo Velasco PGM ; Bro Thomas Jackson, executive Secretary World Comference and much more VIP of the worldwide freemasonry.

-Incredible  experience. Countless new contacts and many new friends.


Marcos Hans (revisado fevereiro 2022)
Writer, Speaker, Administrator, Commercial real estate developer and a Happy profissional tourist.
Past Master,33 , MRA, SEM, Kt.Pr., FRC, Shriner, SRCF VII, TOM.
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