Grand Lodge of Ireland. Acacia Masonic Lodge No 225

Grand Lodge of Ireland. Acacia Masonic Lodge No 225

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I visited the Grand Lodge of Ireland on September 2012. The Grand lodge is located in a central area in Dublin, on Molesworth Street 17. The Grand Lodge has members in Ireland , Northen Ireland and provincial Grand Lodges overseas.
On September the 24th I participate on a session at the Acacia Lodge 225 and in that occasion, fortunately, there was a raising ceremony. Bro. John Dunnés was the lucky gay. His new Internet friend, Bro. Michael Carchrie Campbell came specially from Belfast for the occasion. They are the new generation of masons, under 30 years and enthusiastic about the order. Bro. Christopher Buffini cam all the way from Florida, USA, Daytona Beach Lodge No 270 to play a vital role on the ceremony. Bros. David and Ken I also meet before the session at the all we’re excited for the incoming ceremony.
-The ceremony was conducted in a high standard and all the presentations were done by hard. The supper was a family reunion. I felt at home.
See some pictures from the Grand Lodge and the brothers from the Acacia Lodge. May the Great Arquitect of the Universe bless Bro.J. Dunnés and at the same time all of us ,including you who is reading this short article, for a long journey at the Masonic Order, with our family and ourself.


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