MRF The Masonic Restoration Foundation

On August 19-21, 2011 em Alexandria,  promoted by the Washington Lodge 22, happened  the Second Annual Symposium on the subject of restoration. What does it means.. well keep on reading..


The MRF is a group of regular Freemasons who are devoted to the study and implementation of Masonic lodge and related social practices that focus on the psychology of being which  forms the basis for all Masonic teachings. The foundation promotes those traditions in Freemasonry which are centered on the shared dialogue of men embracing the nature of God, self improvement, and civic duty. We believe Masonry creates sacred places and social environs that foster harmonious, transforming , and fulfilling experiences for men, and thus, member of the Masonic fraternity.


The mission of the MRF is to assist and support, through education, communication, example, and coordination of efforts among lodges, Grand Lodges, individuals and groups of Masons belongging to regularly and duly constituted lodges, the overall improvement and happines of the individual Mason and his fraternal relationships.

The goal of the foundation is to cultivate and develop a culture of learning and growth within the American Craft by encouraging and demonstrating quality programs, academic excellence and social relevance  within the Masonic community, thus restoring the dignity, efficary and integrity of Freemasonry to its historical and rightful place of honor and respect in society.

The MRF if not a Masonic Lodge, order, conclave, encampment or rite, nor will it ever attempt to charter, create or establich lodges. In Masonry , only a Grand Lodge can charter a Lodge. The MRF does not and will not claim Masonic authoriy over any Masonic Body. It has no ritual, but upholds the highest ritual standards in presentation as legally prescribed by the adopted practices of regular Grand Lodges.


So, is was so interesting the participate on that event, that I  am now full of ideas to implement and a lodge, or group os lodges here in my state. Let,s see if  I am capable to show and transmit the concept which is what I think freemasonry should be at first, a good, a very good, a excelente school.

Marcos Hans, PM,33,Kt, Frc.

see some pictures from the ocassion and  new friends.


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Carl Andersen, Robert Rosenberg, Thomas Hendrickson(GM Minnesota), Kit


Ken Lane and His son... Washington -Seattle


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Robert Rosenberg

the new friends

at Gadsby,s Tavern. the same where George Washington.....

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