A tip that will increase in 1000% your chances of success

We often hear: One million dollar question. Well, here is a tip that can increase in 1000% you chances of success in achieving and setting goals.


During the period of Christmas and New Year celebrations we are sent to overview our lives, our goals in all areas.

May be you are thinking on losing some weight, taking care better of health, exercising the body by running or lifting weights. Changing habit of taking food, buying another house, or a second house. Traveling with family and kid. Stop smoke (again). Stop drinking so much alcoholic drinks instead of more water.

Returning to the church. Doing some social work. Stop complaining and criticizing. Beginning to give praises, stop worrying so much. Find a new love or the same with new enthusiasm.


Well the list could be big. You can add your wonderings and desires.


And here is the one million dollar tip. A tip that can increase in 1000% your chances of success in achieving you goal from now on.


Write them down.

Yes, simple like that. Just begin to write them on a piece of paper, in order, with details and dates and them start work on.


Of course you have heard and read about writing your goal, but never did it.

Knowing and not using it, is the same that now knowing at all.


So, paper and pencil on hand .A house without a registered plant, will fall on the first storm.


Why all these.

Because everything is a matter of attitude.подробное описание тутtranslate in english from spanish


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